03.09 Draft Minutes

Resource-Efficient Building Task Force MEETING

 DRAFT Minutes March 9, 2011

Appointed Members:            

Clifton Wong

SF Municipal Transportation Agency


Gary Hoy

SF DPW/Bureau of Architecture


Houshang Esmaili

SF International Airport


Janet Ng

SF Public Utilities Commission


Laura Lombardi

SF DPW/Bureau of Construction Management


Mark Palmer

SF Environment


Mohsin Shaikh

SF Department of Building Inspection


Raphael Sperry

Public Member


Rick Thall

SF Recreation and Park


Roberto Lombardi

SF Public Libraries


Wendy Proctor

SF Port


A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.

In addition, there were attendees representing SMG Moscone, Field Paoli, CuroGaia, plus City Department attendees from DPW BOA, SFMTA, SFPUC Water Conservation, Real Estate, and SFDPH.  
Agenda Items:

1.      Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of February 9, 2010 were approved as written.

2.      Announcements:  Mark Palmer announced the grand opening of the Presidio Branch Library on March 26, slated for LEED-CI Gold certification.

3.      Presentation: Laguna Honda Hospital (California’s first LEED Silver hospital), SFO Terminal 2, Parkside Branch Library and Park Branch Library: Mark Palmer presented a photo update on recent tours and green building openings—1 new construction project and 3 very different renovation projects, demonstrating a wide range of environmental strategies employed.  LEED Scorecards were distributed.

4.      Policy Development:  Final revisions to the LEED Gold amendment to Environment Code Chapter 7 were discussed including a revision to Section 709(c) to eliminate duplication with LEED IEQc5, and a revision of Section 702 designating a single REB Task Force representative from SFPUC.  A motion was made to recommend the amendment to go forward to the Board of Supervisors.  The motion was carried unanimously.

5.      Old Business:  None.

6.      New Business:  None.

7.      Public Comment: None.