02.10 Approved Minutes

Resource-Efficient Building Task Force MEETING

  Minutes February 10, 2010


Appointed Members:            

Danielle Dowers



Spencer Gosch



Janet Ng



Gary Hoy



Amir Koleini



Roberto Lombardi



Mark Palmer

SF Environment


Wendy Proctor

SF Port


Raphael Sperry

Public member


Rick Thall

Recreation and Parks


Clifton Wong




A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.


In addition, there were City Department attendees from DPW/BOA, GSA Capital Planning, SFPUC Power Enterprise, SFPUC Recycled Water Program, SFRA, SF Arts Commission, SFDPH, DBI, and SF Environment.  Other attendees represented: Davis Langdon.

Agenda Items:


1.       Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of January 13, 2010 were approved as written.

2.       Announcements:  Mark Palmer distributed the San Francisco Municipal Green Building Announcements for February 10, 2010.

3.      Presentation: Presentation: Melanie Bonn of Fong and Chan, Tyler Krehlik of Anshen + Allen, Kyle Brunel of Smith Group, and Alisdair McGregor of Arup presented: SF Healthcare x 3, on three major new hospitals being designed in San Francisco within the context of environmental sustainability, leading-edge healthcare, a growing population and seismic reliability. All three are currently tracking LEED-NC Gold.

4.       Policy Development: Postponed to next two meetings.

5.       Old Business:  None.

6.       New Business:  None.

7.      Public Comment: None.