07.14 Approved Minutes

Resource-Efficient Building Task Force MEETING

 Minutes July 14, 2010


Appointed Members:            

Amir Koleini

SF International Airport


Clifton Wong

SF Municipal Transportation Agency


Danielle Dowers

SF Public Utilities Commission


Gary Hoy

SF DPW/Bureau of Architecture


Janet Ng

SF DPW/Bureau of Construction Management


Mark Palmer

SF Environment


Mohsin Shaikh

SF Department of Building Inspection


Raphael Sperry

Public Member


Rick Thall

SF Recreation and Park


Roberto Lombardi

SF Public Libraries


Wendy Proctor

SF Port



A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.


In addition, there were attendees representing Davis Langdon and Sierra Pine, and City Department attendees from SFDPH, Real Estate, City Planning, Capital Planning and SFE.   

Agenda Items:


1.      Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of June 9, 2010 were approved as written.

2.      Announcements:  MP distributed the San Francisco Municipal Green Building Announcements for July 14, 2010.  Notable: Municipal Green Building Pilot Project Laguna Honda Hospital has received LEED Silver certification—California’s first LEED certified hospital.

3.      Policy Development: The Task Force reviewed the adopted Section 705.3 of Environment Code Chapter 7: CITY BUILDINGS; ENERGY CONSERVATION REQUIREMENTS-LIGHT FIXTURES AND EXIT SIGNS.  This is a date-certain (Dec. 31, 2011) retrofit requirement for all linear fluorescent lamp and ballast systems (81 lumens per watt minimum).  Task Force also reviewed proposed language for IEQ section of Chapter 7.

4.      Program Report: Rick Thall presented an overview of the SF Rec and Park 2008 bond projects.  Both LEED and the SF Greening Checklist are being used.  Three projects are LEED registered (Chinese Rec Center, Palega Playground & Sunset Playground), four projects are potential LEED projects pending full scope development ( Fulton Playground, Cabrillo Playground, Glen Canyon Park & Kimball Playground), and five projects are not eligible LEED projects.   

5.      Presentation: Andy Thompson of Arup presented: Preliminary Lessons for Chile and Haiti: What the Bay Area Should (and should not) Expect from a Major Earthquake.  Presentation on Andy’s recent trips to both Chile and Haiti showing the value of well-engineered buildings (and the converse), and demonstrating the significant impact of non-structural damage on reoccupying a building after a seismic event.


6.      Old Business:  None.

7.      New Business:  None.

8.  Public Comment: None.