02.09 Approved Minutes

Resource-Efficient Building Task Force MEETING

 Minutes February 9, 2011


Appointed Members:            

Clifton Wong

SF Municipal Transportation Agency


Gary Hoy

SF DPW/Bureau of Architecture


Houshang Esmaili

SF International Airport


Janet Ng

SF Public Utilities Commission


Laura Lombardi

SF DPW/Bureau of Construction Management


Mark Palmer

SF Environment


Mohsin Shaikh

SF Department of Building Inspection


Raphael Sperry

Public Member


Rick Thall

SF Recreation and Park


Roberto Lombardi

SF Public Libraries


Wendy Proctor

SF Port


A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.

In addition, there were attendees representing SMG Moscone, plus City Department attendees from DPW BOA, BLIP, SFPUC Water Conservation, Real Estate, Capital Planning, and SFDPH.  

Agenda Items:

1.      Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of November 10, 2010 were approved as written.

2.      Announcements:  MP distributed the San Francisco Municipal Green Building Announcements for February 9, 2011.

3.      Presentation: Samuel Chui and Irene Aquino, DPW Project Managers, along with Deborah Morgan, BOA Project Architect for Ortega Library presented an overview of the 10 branch libraries now in design and construction, and slated for LEED Silver certification.  Of note was a discussion of stormwater management permitting issues and the need for better coordination between SFPUC Urban Watershed Management and SFDBI Plumbing officials and the need for plumbing plan checks concomitant with the more advanced methods of stormwater management.      

4.      Policy Development—Environment Code Chapter 7: The Task Force reviewed revised DRAFT amendment language in Section 709(c) Indoor Environmental Quality based on agreement reached with SFDPH and the Real Estate Division of GSA.  Mr. Esmaili of SFO raised questions about the necessity and effectiveness of the MERV 13 filtration requirements for airport buildings.  Ms. Scully of DPH indicated that she would prepare a response to this inquiry, to be further discussed at the next meeting of the Task Force.  The Task Force indicated unanimous consent that the amendment is progressing in the right direction, with only minor issues yet to be fully resolved.  Task Force members have the responsibility to communicate the proposed ordinance amendment to their department directors or general managers prior to the first hearing at the Board of Supervisors (date TBD).

5.      Old Business:  None.

6.      New Business:  None.

7.      Public Comment: None.