01.11 Approved Minutes


Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

Minutes January 11, 2012

Appointed Members:


Clifton Wong                        Municipal Transportation Agency                   (Present)

Cyndy Scully*                      Department of Public Health                          (Present)

Houshang Esmaili                SF International Airport                                 (Absent)

Janet Ng*                             SF Public Utilities Commission                     (Present)

John Updike                         Real Estate Division                                     (Present) 

Mark Palmer*                       SF Environment                                           (Present)

May Chan*                           DPW/Infrastructure Design & Construction     (Present) 

Mohsin Shaikh*                    Department of Building Inspection                  (Absent) 

Raphael Sperry*                   Public Member                                             (Present) 

Rick Thall*                           SF Recreation and Park                                (Present)

Roberto Lombardi*                SF Public Libraries                                       (Absent) 

Tara Lamont                         DPW/Building Design & Construction             (Present)

Wendy Proctor                     FPort                                                           (Present)

A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.

In addition, there were attendees representing SFPL, DPW/SFGH, SF Environment, Capital Planning, and members of the public.  

Agenda Items:

1.      Introductions

2.      Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of December 14, 2011 were approved as written.

3.      Announcements:  A video presentation featured Greenbuild 2011 Closing Plenary speakers NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Building Commissioner Robert LiMandri on Building Energy Benchmarking.

4.      Waiver Request: The Task Force discussed a waiver request from Environment Code Chapter 7 submitted by DPW on behalf of DPH for the SFGH Emergency Generator Project.  The Board of Supervisors has resolved that this is an emergency project, and under that designation DPH may grant itself a waiver.  This project will result in large energy and water savings for the SFGH campus, however members of the Task Force suggested that the approach to maximize LEED credits could have been more robust if it had been a goal from the outset.  The Task Force requested that the waiver request be amended and resubmitted for record-keeping purposes.        

5.      Presentation: Andey Nunes, construction LEED administrator and Robert Cooley, architect with Field Paoli presented on the Park Branch (LEED Silver) and Presidio Branch (LEED Gold) Library Renovations.  The team presented challenges and lessons learned working with small commercial contractors without previous experience on LEED projects.

6.      Old Business:  Old Business was postponed to a future meeting.   

7.      New Business:  None.

8.      Public Comment: None.