02.08 Approved Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

Approved Minutes February 8, 2012

Appointed Members:


Clifton Wong                        Municipal Transportation Agency                                (Present)

Cyndy Scully*                      Department of Public Health                                       (Present)

Houshang Esmaili                SF International Airport                                               (Present)

Janet Ng*                            SF Public Utilities Commission                                    (Present)

John Updike                        Real Estate Division                                                    (Absent) 

Mark Palmer*                      SF Environment                                                          (Present)

May Chan*                          DPW/Infrastructure Design & Construction                    (Present) 

Mohsin Shaikh*                   Department of Building Inspection                                 (Present) 

Raphael Sperry*                  Public Member                                                            (Present) 

Rick Thall*                          SF Recreation and Park                                               (Present)

Roberto Lombardi*              SF Public Libraries                                                       (Present) 

Tara Lamont                        DPW/Building Design & Construction                            (Absent)

Wendy Proctor                    SF Port                                                                       (Absent)

A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.

In addition, there were attendees representing SFPUC Power, SFPUC Water, SFPort, SF Planning, SFDPW/SFGH, SF Environment, Capital Planning, SMG Moscone, and SFDPW BD&C.  

Agenda Items:

1.      Introductions

2.      Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of January 11, 2012 were approved as written.

3.      Announcements:  MP distributed green building announcements for Feb. 8, 2012.  Highlights include the kickoff of the SFO T3 renovation, new funding for 600 toilet retrofits at Civic Center buildings, and 19 City submissions for education sessions at Greenbuild 2012.

4.      Presentation: Dan Hodapp, SF Port Senior Waterfront Planner presented plans and LEED strategies for the new Cruise Ship Terminal at Pier 27, including a new 2.5 acre open space.

5.      Presentation: Crispin Hollings, SFPUC Director of Financial Planning, and John Doyle, SFPUC Manager of Energy Infrastructure, Planning and Development presented the proposed increased municipal utility rates of $0.02/kWh over 4 years and the concurrent reduction of SFPUC’s Capital Plan for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in City facilities.

6.      Old Business:  The Task Force adopted amended and duly noticed Task Force bylaws.  Discussion of regulations pursuant to Environment Code Chapter 7, Section 703(b) are postponed to a future meeting.    

7.      New Business:  MP initiated the data collection phase of the Municipal Green Building Report to Board of Supervisors, and requested Task force members to complete project information for projects within their respective Departments.

8.      Public Comment: None.

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