03.14 Draft Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

DRAFT Minutes March 14, 2012

Appointed Members:


Clifton Wong                        Municipal Transportation Agency                                   (Present)

Cyndy Scully*                      Department of Public Health                                          (Present)

Houshang Esmaili                SF International Airport                                                 (Present)

Janet Ng*                            SF Public Utilities Commission                                      (Present)

John Updike                        Real Estate Division                                                      (Present) 

Mark Palmer*                      SF Environment                                                            (Present)

May Chan*                          DPW/Infrastructure Design & Construction                      (Absent) 

Mohsin Shaikh*                   Department of Building Inspection                                   (Present) 

Raphael Sperry*                  Public Member                                                              (Present) 

Rick Thall*                          SF Recreation and Park                                                 (Present)

Roberto Lombardi*               SF Public Libraries                                                        (Absent) 

Tara Lamont                        DPW/Building Design & Construction                              (Absent)

Wendy Proctor                    SF Port                                                                        (Present)

A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.

In addition, there were attendees representing SFDPW BD&C, SFPUC Power, SFDPW/SFGH, SF Environment, Capital Planning, California Academy of Sciences, SMG Moscone, Field Paoli, and Jones Lange LaSalle.  

Agenda Items:

1.      Introductions

2.      Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of February 8, 2012 were approved as written.

3.      Announcements:  MP distributed green building announcements for March 13, 2012.  Highlights include the kickoff of the major renovation of the War Memorial Veteran’s building, two newly certified branch libraries: Ortega is LEED Gold and Parkside is LEED Silver, and total municipal LEED certified space = 2.25 million square feet.

4.      Presentation: Ari Hoffman, Jimmy Kirk of California Academy of Sciences and Raphael Sperry of Simon & Associates presented and discussed the Academy’s second LEED Platinum certification, LEED EB O&M (Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance).  This certification presented challenges and opportunities for improved building performance, including extensive recommissioning of major systems and controls, submetering of life support systems, implementing an effective recycling program, and employee engagement.  The Academy is now the largest public double LEED Platinum building in the world.

5.      Old Business: 

·         Progress update on data collection phase of the Municipal Green Building Report to Board of Supervisors: Some, though not all project reports have been submitted.  An additional 2 weeks was granted for Task force members to submit remaining project reports.

·         Waiver update: DPH will submit a revised emergency waiver notification for SFGH Emergency Generator Project at the next Task Force meeting.

6.      New Business:  MP noted that a minor amendment will be made to Environment Code Chapter 7 to correct an incorrect section reference.

7.      Public Comment: None.