05.20 Approved Minutes


City and County of San Francisco

DEpartment of the ENvironment




Thursday, May 20, 2010, 4:15 p.m.

City Hall, Room 421, One Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102


COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Chris Buck (Chair), Naomi LeBeau, Terry Milne, Bonnie Ora Sherk


Order of Business


1.      Call to Order and Roll Call.  The Planning and Funding Committee convened at 4:15 p.m.  Present:  Chair Buck, Members LeBeau, Milne; and Sherk.  Council Members D’Agostino and Hillson were in attendance. 


2.      Approval of Minutes of the April 15, 2010 Urban Forestry Council Planning and Funding Committee Regular Meeting. (Explanatory Document: April 15, 2010 Meeting Draft Minutes) (Discussion and Action)


Upon Motion by Member Milne, second by Member LeBeau the April 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes were approved with an addition as requested by Council Member Hillson to Item 4, the end of the first paragraph, to show that “Discussion on this matter followed” in reference to Council Member Hillson’s suggestion that developers and others be required to fill out the Tree Disclosure statement (AYES:  Committee Members Buck, LeBeau and Milne; Absent:  Committee Member Sherk).


3.      Public Comment:  Members of the public may address the Committee on matters that are within the Committee’s jurisdiction and are not on today’s agenda.  There was no public present at this time.


4.      Development and Trees. The Committee will review and discuss tree disclosure and protection requirements when developing near protected trees as it relates to the tree protection zone described for Landmark and Significant trees and prepare a Draft Resolution for recommendation to the full Council. (Continued Discussion from the April 15, 2010 Meeting) (Discussion and Possible Action)


Committee Members made additional edits to the Tree Disclosure Statement for recommendation to the Council to consider at their May 28th meeting.  A discussion would be held with the Planning Department Representative, Member Rodgers on whether edits could be made without a Resolution.  Committee Members also discussed potential edits to the educational guide intended for the public and contractors.


Member Sherk joined the meeting during this agenda item.


5.      Greening of Lots where Development is on Hold. (Continued from the April 15, 2010 Meeting)  The Committee will discuss preparation of a Resolution making recommendations. (Discussion and Possible Action)  


Chair Buck reported that a Resolution had not yet been prepared but may be available in time for the next Council meeting on May 28th.  This agenda item was forwarded to the full Council for discussion and consideration of a potential Resolution making recommendations. 


6.      The Potential Effects on the Quality and Funding for the Urban Forest if Tree Maintenance were to be relinquished to Private Property Owners. (Discussion) 


Chair Buck requested that the minutes note that this agenda item refers to Department of Public Works (DPW) maintained trees.  He stated that there has been discussion about this topic among DPW budget analysts, but that there is no substantial update to provide at this time.  Chair Buck suggested that Ms. Carla Short, DPW Urban Forester, or another DPW representative attend a future Urban Forestry Council meeting to provide the status of the proposal once it becomes available. Committee Members discussed relinquishment programs in other jurisdictions, potential impacts of relinquishment, legal challenges, possible solutions, and what their role could be if this program were to be enforced.   Chair Buck suggested that next steps be discussed after decisions are made.  This agenda item was continued to a future Council meeting, date to be determined.


7.      New Business/Future Agenda Items. (Discussion). 


Committee Members were asked to send suggestions for future agenda items to Chair Buck or Coordinator Hui.  Member Sherk announced that the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee held a hearing on daylighting creeks and watersheds.  She suggested that the Council become involved in order to create habitat and expand the urban forest by planting native trees in watersheds.  Chair Buck announced the issuance of a new Cliff Guide to the New Landscaping Ordinance. Chair Buck suggested that the Committee at their next meeting discuss the outcome and next steps from the second strategic planning session that is scheduled for June 2.  Council Member D’Agostino inquired as to the status of her request for membership to the Planning and Funding Committee.  Committee Member/Council Chair Milne reported that appointments to Committees are made at Council meetings.  Committee members inquired about a new Public Utilities Commission appointment to the Council due to Member Sustarich’s resignation of his Council seat.  It was explained that an appointment has not yet been made.


8.      Public Comment:  Members of the public may address the Committee on matters that are within the Committee’s jurisdiction and are not on today’s agenda.  There was no public comment at this time.    


9.      Adjournment.  The Planning and Funding Committee adjourned at 5:25 p.m.



Copies of explanatory documents are available to the public at the Department of Environment, 11 Grove Street, San Francisco, California between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., by clicking on the links with each meeting minutes posted online https://sites.google.com/a/sfenvironment.org/commission/urban-forestry-council/planning-funding-committee, or upon request to the Council Secretary at the address listed below, telephone number 415-355-3709, or via e-mail at [email protected].


Respectfully submitted by,

Monica Fish, Council Secretary


Approved:  June 17, 2010

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